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Many of our NJ customers want to integrate a security system into their existing phone or internet systems, or, if they are building a new business phone and IT system, to integrate security functions into the system. At Straight Line Communication, we are a proud provider of high quality video surveillance systems, including CCTVs and security camera installation.

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Straight Line Communications of New Jersey will give you the tools you need to secure your business.

The type of system that we install for you will depend on what your business needs are and your foreseeable security needs. We can provide everything from very basic security cameras to far more complex internal monitoring systems, and we will work with you to determine what is right for your business.

A CCTV system is a closed-circuit television system. The signals are not publicly distributed, but are shown internally. They may appear on monitors in real-time or be recorded for later review. These systems can show multiple different viewpoints. For some users, there is a single monitor what will switch between camera views, while other users have a designate monitor for each camera.

A security camera, also known as a surveillance camera, is a camera that is used specifically for the purpose of observing an area to prevent or record criminal behavior. These cameras can be connected to monitors, recording devices, or both, and are often monitored by security guards or law enforcement officers.

One consistent component of video security systems is the ability to record interactions. Back in the early days of security cameras, the images were literally saved to tapes, which would then be used and re-used after a certain period of time, often no more than a few days. What this meant is that, if criminal activity was suspected within a short time period, the video camera recording could help reveal that activity, but if it went undetected for longer periods of time, then the recording may have been lost.

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Today’s digital systems may still over-write earlier material, but the storage capabilities are so much greater than analog storage systems that business can save recordings for much longer periods of time, increasing the efficacy of video security systems. This is especially helpful when you are looking for proof of an internal loss or criminal activity by employees and provides an extra layer of protection for the independent business owner.

To find out how a video security system can help you with all of your business security challenges, contact Straight Line Communication for a security consultation.