Cat 6 Cabling Installation New Jersey

If you are considered a structured cabling installation in NJ, you may be thinking about your cable options. Until 2001, Cat 5E was considered the best type of cabling available, but Cat 6 and later Cat 6e came along with greater functionality. Of course, both of those options are more expensive, which means that the decision to go with either Cat 6 Cabling or Cat 6e Cabling is not simply a matter of which one is the best type of cable. Instead, it requires a balance of cost, capability, present needs, and future needs.

New Jersey Cat 6 Cabling solutions

Category 6 Cabling is Efficient

Cat 6e cabling takes all of the strengths of Cat 6, but double the transmission frequency to 500MHz.

Many installations still use Cat 5e cabling in NJ, and it works well, especially if your business needs are primarily telephony and video, rather than internet. Furthermore, if you are building onto prior cabling, you may be working with exist Cat 5 Cabling or Cat 5e Cabling. However, we strongly suggest that customers look to the future and consider Cat 6 Cabling for their installations, to ensure that it will be capable of meeting future demands, as well as present ones. What makes this appealing for customers is that Cat 6 cabling is not significantly more expensive than Cat 5e.

You may wonder why Cat 6 cabling is more expensive than Cat 5e cabling. Well, Cat 6 cable uses a thicker-gauge wire, more pair twists per inch, and increased shielding, which all increase production and material costs. However, these specifications result in a higher speed of 1000 Mbits/transfer speeds. What this means is that, if cable lengths are less than 50 meters, you can easily achieve 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds. This speed is more than sufficient for most business applications and in most business settings.

Cat 6e cabling takes all of the strengths of Cat 6, but double the transmission frequency to 500MHz. This does not necessarily impact transmission speeds at shorter lengths. However, if you will need cable lengths greater than 50 meters but lower than 100 meters, Cat 6e can reach 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds, if installed in a grounded foil shielding.

If we lost you somewhere in the discussion of Ethernet transmission speeds, then chances are good that your business is not the kind that needs a Cat 6e cable installation. Because you can achieve similar speeds in almost all applications with Cat 6 cable, the added expense of a Cat 6e cable installation only makes sense if you need 10-Gigabit Ethernet speeds at 50 meters to 100 meters.