Cable Relocation Services New Jersey

Sometimes you are not looking for an all-new installation, but may need system upgrades, expansions, or cable relocation to optimize your telecommunications capabilities. Under the best circumstances, these changes happen because you have a growing business with growing business needs. However, you may have experienced damaged network connectivity because of outside factors, like natural disasters, pests, crimped cables, or simple aging. In fact, even a state-of-the-art installation that was done 20 years ago may not be capable of handling the speeds needed to handle a modern office’s demands.

Whether or not we were your initial cable installer, Straight Line Communication of New Jersey can handle your cable relocation needs, whether it is simply moving phones or a complete cable overhaul.

Cable Relocation Services New Jersey

cable relocation really needs to start with what we call carrier cleanup

The biggest challenge when handling cable relocation rather than a new-cable installation is generally that the relocation occurs in a functioning office. The office has to maintain functionality while the upgrades or relocations are occurring. Straight Line Communication focuses on ensuring that you maintain functionality during transitions, not just by keeping your cables functioning for as long as possible, but also by keeping the rest of your office as functional as possible during transitions. This means not only moving the cable, but also moving the hardware, peripherals, and furniture to restore functionality.

For us, a cable relocation really needs to start with what we call carrier cleanup. With this part of our evaluation, we look at what you are currently paying for your service providers. When we identify where you are over paying, we can eliminate redundancies and consolidate bills. We may even be able to help you find more affordable service providers. This may mean making significant changes from your earlier services, because improvements in services like VOIP and cellular services may mean it is no longer necessary to have analog lines, even to handle potential service provider outages. We take all of that into consideration when developing our plan for cable relocation, giving relocation jobs the same type of careful consideration and high level of customer service that we give to our new cable installations.

Once we have determined what services you need to best meet your needs, we will outline our plan to reconfigure your cables completely. We can incorporate data cables, CCTV, low voltage cables, and audio visual cables. Then, we schedule our services with you, taking your business needs into consideration, so that you can get improvements with limited disruption.