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NEC Telecommunications

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NEC unites and incorporates innovation and skill to make the ICT-empowered society of tomorrow. We team up intimately with this telecommunications powerhouse to bring great products to New Jersey. We are a Tier 2 reseller with certified technicians who are ready for you whenever you need them.



Hikvision Video Surveillance

Hikvision Partners Straight line communications

Hikvision is committed to giving worldwide assets and privately based technical support, building, deals and administration backings to its esteemed clients around the globe. In Hikvision’s oversea deals group, around 90% of the representatives are local people wanting to use the best video surveillance technology in the world. Straight Line Communications is a certified reseller of all Hikvision technologies. We want to stay on the cutting edge of video surveillance technology which is why we stick with Hikvision.




Hanwha Samsung Partner Straight Line Communications

Straight Line Communications is partnered with Hanwha and Samsung. If you need a certified reseller of Hanwha and Samsung telecommunication technologies — Straight Line Communications is your best option in New Jersey. We are partners with the best in the business. Please check out our products page to view more of our Hanwha and Samsung offerings.




leviton straight line comm
Leviton is the one of the world leaders in electrical wiring equipment, conveying the most extensive scope of solutions to address the issues of today’s private businesses and modern clients in more than 90 nations over the globe. Through interest in innovative work, producing, conveyance, human capital and preparing, Leviton’s time of legacy gives a solid establishment and responsibility regarding the consistent change, elevated expectations and advancement to the business. Straight Line Communications is proud to have Leviton as a partner in telecommunications.



berk tek reseller NJTo keep your business in top form, you need an infrastructure second to none. Combining technology and manufacturing expertise with an unwavering focus on customer needs, Berk-Tek delivers just such a cabling solution. Straight Line Communications is proud to call Berk-Tek a partner in our day to day business operations.


Bogen Communications

Bogen-communication-logoBogen Communications is one of the leading providers in sound system technology and telephone peripherals for industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.


Cooper B-Line

Cooper B Line Partners Straight Line CommunicationCooper B-Line is one our favorite companies. They are a top name in the telecommunications industry and we are proud to have them as partners.


Ortronics – Legrand

Legrand ortonics partners straight line communicationLegrand is a global leader in network infrastructure solutions, with a broad range of copper and fiber connectivity, racks, cabinets, and cable management. The Ortronics® product line features flexible, efficient solutions, united by superior design, to ensure that your data center or building network operates flawlessly.