When is Cat6 Structured Cabling Used in New Jersey?

Category 6 (Cat6) structured cabling refers to the hardwired telecommunications infrastructure in your building. The Cat6 wires look like standard Ethernet cords, and are used for both voice telephony and data including LAN and Internet. The term Cat6 refers to the category of cabling, and is one of the better systems for information architecture in New Jersey companies.

There are three main types of Cat6 structured cabling systems, each of which has a bearing on data transmission speeds. However, most businesses in New Jersey need only concern themselves with two types of Cat6 cabling: standard Cat6 and Cat6a. The third type, Cat6e, is not standardized and although can potentially offer faster short-range speeds, does not necessarily improve the quality or speed of your external communications.

Cat6 cabling looks like traditional Ethernet cords, but as the latest generation of cabling, is a vast improvement on previous generations such as Cat5/5e. Therefore, many New Jersey companies are considering upgrading an existing Cat5/5e structured cabling infrastructure to a Cat6/6a structure. This is strongly advised if your business is growing and if you have been experiencing any data breaches or communications problems.

The structured cabling system requires specialized installation that will take into account the physical structure of the building and the firm’s expectations for information architecture. Considerations for Cat6 structured cabling systems design can be voiced when consulting with a New Jersey communications service provider like Straight Line Communications.

New Jersey telecommunications infrastructure is far from uniform. Businesses in the same basic geographic area may be using completely different telecommunications cabling systems. New Jersey businesses recognize the importance of upgrading business communications infrastructure. Cat6 structured cabling offers opportunities for complex information architecture, and is therefore a good option for mid- to large-sized New Jersey businesses.