• 5 Things to Consider When Buying Business Phones

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    Business phone systems are an essential part of your daily schedule. There are hundreds of people who make phone calls for business purposes every minute of the day, and your company must have a free-flowing system that is affordable, easy to use, and scalable. These five steps will help you ensure that your business has a phone system that suits your needs.

  • Security Cameras – Most Ideal means for effective surveillance

    Surveillance systems serve several different functions for your business in New Jersey. Prevention and deterrence are an important reason for having security camera installation in your company. However, even with the cameras installed, you need security camera installation in the aftermath of an unfortunate event. Both property crimes and violent crimes can be remedied with effective security camera installation. (more…)

  • How Do CCTV Security Cameras Work?

    Closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems are relatively simple video surveillance systems that include strategically placed cameras. The CCTV cameras send their video information through a closed network, meaning that the video footage is private and not available to the public. Footage from CCTV security cameras can be stored or deleted as necessary, and can also be monitored live. (more…)

  • When is Cat6 Structured Cabling Used in New Jersey?

    Category 6 (Cat6) structured cabling refers to the hardwired telecommunications infrastructure in your building. The Cat6 wires look like standard Ethernet cords, and are used for both voice telephony and data including LAN and Internet. The term Cat6 refers to the category of cabling, and is one of the better systems for information architecture in New Jersey companies. (more…)

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