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Audio video cabling, also referred to as audio video wiring or A/V cabling or wiring, is cable that is specifically installed for your audio and video devices. Not that long ago, A/V wiring was used primarily to wire speakers throughout a structure, so that the same music or other sounds could play simultaneously at multiple parts of a building, while being controlled in a central location. Your audio visual solutions include:

  • Office PA System — Any space that had multiple loud-speakers used this concept. For example, grocery stores have A/V wiring. You may not have noticed, but most of them play some type of soothing music while you are shopping. They also have the capability of making announcements over this central speaker systems, from announcing that more cashiers are needed at the front to making announcements about missing or found children in the store.
  • Link Your Devices — House your phones, televisions, and computers in the same infrastructure. Your design needs to fit your needs by being fast, cost-effective, and reliable. Straight Line Communications of New Jersey is your first step to integrating your devices with the future of your business.

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modern A/V needs go way beyond speakers for most modern office buildings

However, modern A/V needs go way beyond speakers for most modern office buildings. Audio visual equipment consists of speakers, television sets, microphones, data projectors, screens, monitors, microphone mixers, cameras, a group of sound-producing machines that we will loosely label as stereos, and pretty much any other device that can make sound or present pictures to the people entering your business. From the music filtering through your office to the A/V equipment in your conference room, a business can have a lot of A/V equipment.

Moreover, even non-technical businesses can have a lot of A/V equipment. Think about the last time you went to your favorite NJ sports bar. How many televisions were on in the sports bar? How many different stations were on the various screens? Was there a pattern to which screens showed what stations? Could you hear the sound from the various shows? If so, did the sound from various shows interfere with the sound from other shows? All of these questions have to do with the A/V installation in a business, and show how even non-technical businesses can have significant A/V wiring needs.

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Audio Video Solutions Nearby, NJ

At Straight Line Communications of New Jersey, we want to help you create a seamless, easy-to-use, audio-visual experience for you and your customers. Whether you want the ability to play soothing background music for your clients or feature a surround-sound entertainment solution for them, we will work with you to find out your business needs, your goals, and design a system that is perfect for you. In addition to installing the cabling for the job, our engineers can help you with hardware and device placement, and work with you until everything is perfect.

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